About Westwood Insurance Group

A Boutique Insurance Brokerage

Westwood has an intimate understanding of malpractice insurance for the healthcare and senior living industries.


Westwood has a wealth of experience in setting up alternative risk transfers, including protected cell captives, micro captives and single parent captives.


Westwood helps commercial agents gain an understanding of the offerings of different insurance carriers and developments in the industry

Westwood Insurance Group established insider.insure to fill a pivotal gap in the industry  — the need for a centralized source of intelligence for insurance brokers and agents. We operate in an ever-evolving insurance landscape, where the complexity of risks and the need for niche market expertise is growing.  This initiative is the embodiment of Westwood’s dedication to not only serve the insurance needs of the medical industry but to also to empower agents and brokers with cutting-edge market insights. Insider.insure was created as a testament to the belief that an informed intermediary is the key to better risk management and client service. It’s a platform built on the foundation of Westwood’s extensive knowledge and network, aiming to elevate the industry standard by fostering informed decisions and strategies amongst insurance professionals.

A beacon of innovation & Reliability

Since its inception, Westwood Insurance Group has stood as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the insurance industry. Established as a boutique broker of medical malpractice insurance in the United States, Westwood has a history of fostering deep-rooted connections with insurance carriers, enabling a fresh approach to sourcing the best insurance packages at competitive rates.

What sets Westwood apart is the strength of relationships it has built with its network of independent agents. These highly motivated professionals are adept at understanding the nuanced needs of the healthcare & senior living industries. With ongoing support and advice from Westwood, they can secure the most appropriate insurance coverage for their clients, ensuring protection even in today’s challenging environment.

A Team of  Experienced Professionals

The team at Westwood boasts an impressive blend of experience and innovation. Specializing in the healthcare and senior living industries, they understand the unique risks and challenges that medical businesses face, and they have tailored insurance policies to provide comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for their clients.

Acknowledging the need for industry-specific knowledge, Westwood Insurance Group founded Insurance Insiders, an initiative to empower brokers and agents with valuable market intelligence. Through Insurance Insiders, agents gain access to a wealth of information about the market and offerings of different carriers, allowing them to make informed decisions and become more effective in the marketplace.

Westwood’s innovative spirit has led to the creation of specialized programs like their Legal Defense Insurance, designed exclusively for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities in Florida. This is a testament to their commitment to address specific industry needs with tailored solutions.

In partnering with Westwood Insurance Group, agents and brokers are not just getting an insurance provider; they are aligning with a partner dedicated to their growth and success in the industry. With a track record of outstanding service and value, Westwood continues to lead the way in enabling insurance agents to provide the best solutions for their clients.

As Westwood Insurance Group forges ahead, the commitment to excellence and partnership remains unwavering—echoing through their support for agents and brokers via the Insurance Insiders platform. It’s not just about insurance; it’s about being part of a team that values knowledge, innovation, and support, ensuring that every client feels secure and every agent is empowered.

For a partner you can trust, with the best possible support in the industry, Westwood Insurance Group is the choice that makes the difference.